Lola Jagger in Spring Court Sneakers

Lola Jaggar in Spring Court Lilac (3) Blog

Fashion blogger Arianne Witt (@lola_jagger) in Spring Court’s new season lilac sneakers.

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Spring Court sneakers were first designed in Paris in 1936 as a tennis shoe. They now offer the perfect classic French sneaker.

Constructed of superior grade cotton upper, natural gum rubber soles and patented outsole that allows for full ventilation. The amazingly comfy cushioned innersoles offer arch and heel support.

The company is still managed by the original family!

Fun fact. John Lennon wore Spring Court’s on the Abbey Road album cover and on his wedding day when he married Yoko Ono.

Spring Court History

The traditional working class neighbourhood of Belleville in Paris has been home to George Grimmeisen’s workshop since the 19th century.
It was here that he created the first breathable tennis shoe in the world, the Spring Court G2.
Designed for play on clay and diverted from the tennis court in the 1960’s, the sneakers began gracing the streets of the world, becoming an iconic shoe that transcends generations.

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