New Brand Alert // Oak Lab Design

Interior styling featuring concrete floor, wooden door, indoor plants and Oak Lab Design minimal black vase

Oak Lab Vases are available in three sizes in both black and white. They are meticulously designed and constructed by hand in Noosa, QLD. 

Each piece is designed to highlight premium blooms and are perfect to add a pop of floral beauty to an area while keeping with a minimalistic and understated design aesthetic.

Lone Vase

The lone vase is designed to hold a single bloom, minimal and simple while making a big statement!

Oak Lab Design Minimal Black Vase with pink orchids
Oak Lab Design White Lone Vase with single, green leaf


Designed to hold three blooms, allowing the eye to find the centre.

Oak Lab Design Low Stacked Black Vase with neutral orchids
Oak Lab Design Low Stacked Vase White with minimal, all white flowers


Designed to hold three blooms, adding height to your display. We love grouping the tall vase with the low stacked and lone vases creating a feature.

Oak Lab Design Tall Stacked Vase Black with purple flowers and greenery
Oak Lab Design Tall Stacked Vase White with white and neutral everlastings
Oak Lab Design Logo

Oak Lab Design is based in Noosa, Queensland and is led by Elliot Stokes.

Creating beautiful, functional, handmade vases perfect for simple styling. Each piece is meticulously constructed by hand and is utterly unique, highlighting the intricacy of each material and element that is worked with.

All Oak Lab creations are unique and original designs. The first step in the process is design, with every Oak Lab creation hand drawn and then rendered into a 3D model to fully realise the vision. Not only does Oak Lab create beautiful vases, they can bring your own concept or vision for a piece to life.

Fabrication is not limited to one medium or material. Depending on the aesthetic, budget and functional requirements of each design Oak Lab will select the ideal material and means of fabrication to achieve perfection with the finished piece. Metal, wood, concrete, resin. laser cutting, tig welding, timber milling, you name it they can do it.

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