Supporting Local Business

Support Local And The Store
There are so many positives to running your own business and it is very, very rewarding but every year it gets harder and harder. Consumers have been educated to expect items to be on sale ALL YEAR ROUND and social media is increasingly challenging. We are tired of fighting algorithms. Instagram + Facebook are making it impossible for small businesses like us to be seen in anyone’s feed. They are hiding us. Out of the 3000 people who want to see our content, our posts are shown to only 10% of you…. and this is on a good day. This will continue unless we pay to appear in your news feed and we don’t want to do this. We want you to see our content when you feel like it, not have it shoved down your throat. We love what we do and want to continue to do it so we need your help. If you want to continue to shop in small independent retail stores with unique fashion + accessories, show them your support. Don’t ask for discount, pay full price. Every sale counts. Shop somewhere because you love and support the people, you get amazing customer service and you like the product. Doing this builds community! We have also come up with a list of ways to help without spending a cent. 1) call in and visit. Mel gets lonely! 2) Join our mailing list here. We don’t want to contribute to the ‘noise’. We promise to only send you emails when we have something super exciting to share. 3) Comment on our Facebook and Instagram images. Tell us a story or comment a simple emoji. 4) Bring your friends and family into the store. Make a date of it and pop across the road for an acai bowl from Oushk 5) Review us on google. Here’s the link 6) Tag us in your photos 7) Share our posts, even better tag your friends 8) Review us on Facebook here 9) Like Instagram and Facebook images. Don’t just screenshot something that you like and keep scrolling. Get in the habit of liking it AND THEN take the screen shot. When you support local business- You keep more money in the local economy You benefit from one on one, personalised, expert service You invest in entrepreneurship You make community a destination You are supporting a dream. THANKYOU for supporting my dream. I know how truly lucky I am to be doing something I absolutely love. [and the store] 58a Carrington Street | Palmyra Ph: (08) 9319 1694 Facebook Instagram